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We help technology companies form engineering practices for manufacturing their space products
What we do
Creation of a MVP of a supply process
We can help you, if creation of a software continuous supply process is slow, and you do not understand what happens in this case. We collect requirements for supply and operation processes, create a product vision and a program for moving to a continuous supply process. In cooperation with your specialists we create a team, which implements the program and trains DevOps engineers in the practices. As a result of our work you achieve a basic supply process, trained specialists and understanding where to move further.
DevOps investigation
You chose to move towards a digital business, but you do not know how to teach your team engineering practices. Developers shift responsibility on administrators, and administrators shift responsibility on developers. The word DevOps has become forbidden in your company, and descriptions of engineering work of internet giants cause outrage, because you do not have it like that. Don't be upset, we will find business drivers for your engineering initiatives, teach your engineers the basics of DevOps, and together we will establish the program of moving towards DevOps.
DevOps courses
Our engineers help master the main DevOps practices and tools by giving on-site master classes. Each master class is delivered by an experienced engineer with extensive practice for giving audience the fullest and most up-to-date information. The list of the courses is given at the following address:

Write or call us for details about training in a form of webinars.
Corporate training
Tools and approaches do not work without a specially trained person. We understood it long ago. So now we teach engineers DevOps practices and tools. Now we have more than 20 courses for corporate training. Write or call us for more details.
Engineer for your team
Often there are not enough engineers for solving an important task of a supply process creation. A process of employment of a new engineer for this task is very long and expensive. Besides, one has to figure out how to occupy him/her. Write us, and we will allocate an engineer for solving your task.
R&D for an engineering team
You and your engineering team are focused on creation of significance for clients. But the world is continuously changing, and there appear new software supply and creation technologies which require additional attention and investigation. Render this work to us and focus only on important things. The Express 24 team follows novelties and tries them in work, investigates interaction and connection of the tools with development processes. Clients will know about your work faster, and you will be able to earn more.
We have already helped the following clients:
About us
Express 24 launched in 2012. We saw that a new type of companies appeared — technology companies and these companies manufacture software in different ways. This approach to software manufacture has been called DevOps. Our company's mission is to search, find, create and pass our clients practices of software manufacture. Engineering practices developed in our company will allow you to deliver your clients a business value without delay.
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